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Thursday, December 30, 2004 // 8:04 pm
Year-in-Review: Part Two

My year-in-review, Part Deux:


Major Writing Project: “Artorius”

Started dating Jay. The world becomes a marginally brighter place.

Finally work out the overly-complicated process of transferring 19 gigs of data from the old laptop to the new one, after the old one refuses to acknowledge that it is still semi-functional.

King Arthur opens. The Clive Owen obsession returns (*swoons*).

Gran plans to firebomb the sparrows living in the garage with firecrackers because they keep pooping on her (my) car. Thankfully, the plan is not executed, though our next door neighbor sets himself on fire a few days later when he sets the plastic gas container a little too close to the debris he‘s burning.

I purchase a new notebook, that came in shrink wrap, only to discover a dehydrated dead frog plastered to the back cover. Gross. Co-worker promptly kidnaps my dead frog and tries to lick it for chemical effects.

The rest of the month, sadly, is lost to the blur of joy that comes from starting a new relationship.


Major Writing Project:

A third co-worker passes away in less than a year’s time--someone I worked with and sat directly behind for more than a year.

In a small amount of petty revenge for seven years of emotional turmoil, I inadvertently get revenge on my grandmother for driving me crazy when I install a new cd player in the car, crank up the DMX and forget to take the cd out, resulting in her driving to church without a.) turning the volume down or b.) asking me to eject the cd. She becomes convinced she’s going to hell.

Bust my knee in Wal-Mart when I get the brilliant idea to dash across a wet, recently waxed floor. Sucker still hurts from time to time.

Jay undergoes surgery for a partial intestinal blockage.

Tara and I see Clay Walker in concert at a local fair and rediscover the joys of country music. You haven’t lived till you’ve heard a Texan in a cowboy hat with a twang pull off a cover of “Play that Funky Music.”


Major Writing Project: “Artorius”

The annual Month of Hell commences. I manage to pull off less than 10 entries for the entire month. None of them are pleasant.

My elbow, and most of my upper arm first exploded with pain, thengoes numb for approximately three days.

Nearly die in a car wreck whilst driving in fog so thick you can barely see through. At a highway red light I have the right of way on, I am nearly flattened by an uber-ute who doesn’t comprehend that when the red light is facing them, they don’t get to go.

Jay and I fly to Vegas for a few days of living in sin. Meet and hang out with Zombie for a night of drinking, strippers, pondering the virtues of Aristotle (while watching strippers) and 3 A.M. barefoot walks down the Strip as part of a mutual birthday celebration. Those are all the details I’m willing to share ;)


Major Writing Project: “Revelation”

I turn 24. What happened to ages 18-23? I missed those somewhere.

I am offered a new job at another call center, and jump at the chance. Rather than quit my current job, I go part time. This turns out to be one of the smartest moves I make all year.

My 19-year-old cousin, Nicholas, is deployed to Iraq.

The Second Great Emotional Freak-Out occurs. I finally start making back-up plans to move out.

Make preparations to start the new job on November 01.


Major Writing Project: “Jinx”

Start the new job. After 5 days of training and only 4 hours on the actual job, I walk out at lunch due to the results of 4 days’ worth of anxiety attacks from the stress of the transition. Resume full-time employment with my old internet repair job, rediscover the joys of being a professional minion.

Return to work to discover my favorite betta has starved to death because everyone thought someone else was feeding it in my absence.

For the first time in over a year, I get to see my brothers at my nephew’s birthday party. Make as-yet-unfulfilled resolution to spend more time with my family.

Lose a substantial amount of faith in the ability of people, en masse, to make the right decision.

Help Tara move a few boxes out of her house (after she did most of the work herself, poor, overworked thing). Finally start moving a few odds and ends into her spare bedroom.

Begin a massive writing binge on Jinx.


Major Writing Project: “Jinx”

Writing Crisis #2 occurs (the first being unmentioned in February). I butcher my online portfolio, removing my most highly-praised works, which also happen to be the ones least indicative of my talent. I begin to feel marginally better about my abilities.

Angelena goes virtual as Anthony enlists me for a Blogdrive Life reality project (apparently now semi-defunct).

Nearly die in a car wreck when the Micro Machine decides to learn how to ski down an ice-covered mountain road. (Are we sensing a theme for this year yet?)

The massive writing binge on Jinx continues and, for the first time all year, I feel truly creative and productive.

The jackasses over at Yahoo delete my entire account with them for still-unknown reasons. All attempts to talk to a live human being about this issue result in form letters and recordings.
The year's final major insomnia binge begins--and has yet to end. I am now going 30 hours or more without sleep.

After finally enduring all I can endure of the grandparents, I finally take Tara up on the offer to move in.

After moving out, Gran officially apologizes for treating me like a servant for the past seven years. As of a week later, all apologies and resolutions are holding, marking a new record in the amount of time she has made a decision and stuck to it.

Kisha announces her engagement!!!!!

Jay and I celebrate 5 months together.

The wallpaper is partially hung, the furniture is moved in, and I am in the process of assembling a fish tank. Yes, I *finally* move in with Tara.


My God, this has been an uneventful year. I feel the need to sit here and start hammering out a few New Year’s resolutions but, after writing this entry, I’m feeling a strange loss of hope for better things to come. I keep holding out for a truly spectacular year that has yet to happen.


January 1, 2005   01:33 PM PST
May your New Year remain car-wreck free
December 31, 2004   04:04 AM PST
Wow, sounds like you had a rather fulfilled year. I'm somewhat envious :D

Anyhow, enjoy your 2005.
December 30, 2004   09:01 PM PST
Semi-defunct!?!? Argh!! Stab! Stab!! :-D You're still digital. I found a file that let's me undo all that happened. But I'm still not going to do the TS2 BDL on a regular basis. I'm just going to do it Occasional(ly). I want to learn how to draw and such now. Be on the look out for my first jab at drawing to be made available to the public. And try not to laugh....

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