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Sunday, October 07, 2007 // 1:15 am
License to Blog...

Because my license to kill was revoked last week.

This was modified from a DeviantArt license created by Stixman. The idea was all his. The idea for making a BD version was mine.

If you're Photoshop capable or know someone who is, here's a link to the Photoshop Template so you can make your own. If you're not, and I know you, and you're pretty sure I like you, just send me a the following and I'll make one when time permits.

  • Photo or avatar
  • Blog ID #
  • Blog URL
  • Name as you want it to appear
  • Location
  • Free or paid
  • Date you joined BD (it can be found on your profile page)
  • Tagboard Nic (or what you want below the picture)

That should about cover it.  Oh, and if you use the template to make one, drop me a line in the comments box.  I'd love to check it out.

January 16, 2008   12:29 PM PST
I'm going to send my information to you. Butter convinced me. :) If you can do it, that's great! If not, no biggie.
January 16, 2008   02:07 AM PST
Hey, I'm now licensed tooooo :) thanks for this, it's a lot of fun!!!
October 10, 2007   10:42 PM PDT
I did one, under my tagboard. Thanks for the template, foxy!
October 7, 2007   05:36 PM PDT
Oooo, As soon as I can get home from work, I'm gonna get me one of them there purty id cards. Mmhhm.
October 7, 2007   10:36 AM PDT
This is coolness to the max. I had been thinking about something roughly along these lines for about a month now. See what happens when I drag my feet? Ang beats me out! I lost to a woman! Okay - a purty woman, at least so I can deal with that without too much distress. :-)

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