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Thursday, September 03, 2009 // 4:44 pm
Of Rum and Coconut Monkeys...

Because some conversations are too priceless not to repost. This one will have me cracking up for quite a while to come.

Pieced together over 2 days of Tweets.

vegaszombie = Zombie
curtinparole =
ocasionalmadnes = Me


curtinparloe is saddened to learn that Twitter doesn't stop when I log off for a day. Aren't I important enough or something?

OcasionalMadnes  @curtinparloe Twitter stops more often than you think. You just have to start coordinating your personal stoppags with it.

curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes But updates used to synchronise around me, and they've stopped. I think I've hurt Twitter's feelings by calling it fat...

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes and @curtinparloe Screw Twitter. Where's my damn coconut monkey?

OcasionalMadnes  @vegaszombie Twitter ate the monkey. @curtinparole called it fat after it did so. Twitter broke up with him.

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes Well, if Twitter broke up with @curtinparloe that means someone is available to woo me with a liquored up coconut monkey.

OcasionalMadnes @curtinparloe @vegaszombie I'll leave you two alone, then.

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes I don't care where the fucking monkey comes from. Was merely making an observation.

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie Am laughing too hard to make proper response. Boss is giving me suspicious glares.

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes Boss can bring monkey. No care! WANT MONKEY!

vegaszombie Obviously @curtinparloe has no desire to procure and present me with a coconut monkey filled with liquor. I am saddened.



curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie See? I don't log on for a day and I miss out on a seduction involving inebriated primates and palm seeds! Bah!

OcasionalMadnes @curtinparloe I am sure that if you secure previously-mentioned coconut monkey and some rum, the seduction of @vegaszombie can resume.

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes and @curtinparloe What. The. Fuck? Will someone be so kind as to draw me a map?

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie You have no memory of yesterday's conversation?

OcasionalMadnes RT @vegaszombie Well, if Twitter broke up with @curtinparloe that means someone is available to woo me with a liquored up coconut monkey.

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie: Consider your memory refreshed.

curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes seducing @vegaszombie is definitely on my to-do list. Now, where to find a drunky monkey at this hour...

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes Sure. I was demanding alcohol in a coconut monkey. However, I don't recall anything regarding seduction.

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie "woo me" = guy-speak for "seduce"

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes That meant either Twitter OR @curtinparloe. I mean, I'm not picky after all.

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie and @curtinparole is trying lamenting missing out on said seduction. Dammit.

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes By all means, you can have the male, just leave me the monkey. See, not picky.

curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie Sadly I haven't the wit to woo...

OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie I'm not even gonna respond to your monkey lust. @curtinparole you don't need wit, just booze.

vegaszombie @curtinparloe That's OK, just give me the monkey. All I want is the monkey!

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes But, but.... I hear tales that he is witty and has access to film equipment. *snickersnort*

OcasionalMadnes @curtinparole Ok, new plan. Leave @vegaszombie to her freaky monkey infatuation. Bring the booze to my place. ;)

vegaszombie @OcasionalMadnes Monkey MUST have booze! MUST! @curtinparloe Don't listen to her.

curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie Booze I can manage - I'm nt sure I should get too involved with some funky monkey junkie...

vegaszombie @curtinparloe Not funky... coconut. Get it right.

vegaszombie - Behold.....

curtinparloe @OcasionalMadnes @vegaszombie I wasn't referring to the monkey as funky ;) I think I need a lie down in a darkened room after all this...


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