I Sleep Well at Night...
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You know your community's security is bad when the security guard's car get stolen from the parking lot while he's on duty.

There is, by the way, only one way in to or out of where I live, and the guard's little shed is right smack in the middle of the "in" and "out" gates.


Also:  Still unemployed.  Money would be such a good thing right about now.

Also:  Found a sweet potential new apartment that both Zombs and I love, so we are applying for it.

Also:  Going to Flagstaff, AZ this weekend for a Celtic festival.  Will get to see the Hoover Damn *and* travel Route 66.  Am very much praying it does not turn out like our trip to the Twilight Zone (aka Primm).

Also:  Have sort of adopted a cat.  His name is Arnold.  I stole him from Zombie's building, where someone dumped him off.  I would fully adopt Arnold if he would let me, but every time he comes into my apartment, he throws a claustrophobic hissing fit and he and Rabbit end up hissing and making increasingly strange, dog-like noises at each other.

Also:  Vitamin B12 and I do not get along.  It screws up my dreams and has other, more bizarre, side effects.


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