Saturday, August 08, 2009

I am pretty sure this blog is dead. At least for the immediate future. I have found that, for now, I far prefer Twitter. It allows me to micro-rant and do real-time updates (or it will, once my text-to-Twitter service starts working again). So, if you read this and want to keep up with me, follow me at http://twitter.com/ocasionalmadnes.

You will have to sign up to read my updates, because I really dislike gosspiy little snots who like to start drama in my life. So leave me a note here if you sign up to follow me and don't have an ID I will easily recognize.

I will return to this blog. Eventually. Maybe. But it will be a while.



Tardasaurus Rex and my little Space Cadet (otherwise known as Arthur and Rabbit) also have Twitter. You can follow the feline antics at http://twitter.com/tardyandcadet. They are equal-opportunity attention whores, so you don't have to have an account to follow them.


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August 14, 2009   03:40 PM PDT
I cant not get into yer Twitter thangy. It dont like me very well :-(

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