rinckle » hi cool blog do u use couchsurfing.org
veena » hi.. just droppin by
silent_will » dropped by. Hey Ang.
Katharine » Hi sorry to bother you but years ago I read a story by you on fictionpress which I loved but I can't find any trace of it any more. It was about a girl who found an injured boy?
Daveman » I cant get into your Tweeter - it says I am locked out! I was all dressed up too!!!!
Daveman » Angela! Where are yew hiding!? I smell your perfoom in heer sumwhar!
Daveman » Where's the drunken Vegas chicks?
Daveman » Angela - have a great weekend and stay sober this time!
Daveman » ANG - Now for the REST of the Story - update on obtaining Nevada Driverse License. Tings U should know. Too late now I suppose
mz » hi
Daveman » Not an Apple? Now she tells me! I wondered why it was so hard to eat and had that rubbery interior. But it was filling!
Daveman » You missed me! Admit it. No, seriously - that apple you threw at me missed!
*ashley* » hey... hoppin....
Deirdre » I like this.
Sinja » Heh, thanks Ang! Full of *something* anyway
winston » Just dropped in to say howdy. And so I did
Teppy » Looks adorable!
Zombie » **burp** 'Scuse me.
Anthony » nice layout. i actually like the background the most
Parisian15 » I love that new one of a layout of yours. *claps* !
mas » visiting... friend
Saladin » Take Jenkins' ear. Start a war over it. It's historilicious!
Halcyon » Still a pity I never got on your server, though I suppose i could just cheat and make a death knight
Halcyon » I'll never hit 80 at this rate, I jut wish everyone wasn't called jenkins now....
Saladin » Dear diary that is actually Ang's tagboard, today I discovered that Rule 34 applies to President Obama. I believe my horror has cauterized my tear ducts.
dhian » nice site ,,please visit my site too
Anthony » Woot moving cross country is fun! I see yours was just awesome
Daveman » Ang - yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping my fingers crossed that it aint a train. (hugs)
Daveman » Safe Journey she who is called, Ang!
Daveman » HAPPY 2009, ANG! I hope you stayed sober and gorgeous like always. May your kitties bring you many joys and your crazy friends like me too. No seriously, "Like me" too! Damn it!
Kater » Awww cute cats!
chita » Hello, just dropping by! Have a nice weekend~
Zombs » One month! Not that I am keeping track or anything.
Ang » Yes. Yes, it does.
TheAprilis » Mini skirt + 21deg = moron.
Ang » Doing well. Hope you are the same. How can I get in touch with you?
Hell » Hey how are you?
Winston » Hi there, just dropping by. It's been a hectic few weeks, I can t4ell you!
Parisian15 » Heya my friend. Yeah thats pretty good to be somewhat back on BD. Might elaborate a tiny lil bit more about it later. And yes,feline hugz to Mr Arthur (from a not-so-bad dog that is me, tho.. ) TC!
Halcyon » I have my own Argent Knight
J f Z » Get well, Mr. Arthur.
Halcyon » I need to get a spirit beast. I should be honest though, with the new patch, I'm not really a hunter, I'm just following a wolf round and stealing hsi loot
Halcyon » Five stable slots!
Deirdre » Hello. Just stopping in. Your layouts are always so classy.
Daveman » Oh - Hi! Never mind me. Im just passing through looking for the bathroom. This is an emergency so please stand aside. Thank you. You're a doll.
Juliet » Oh. You must watch Mad Men on AMC. It's just all around amazing.
Juliet » Must have been a wonky moment-- it's been there! (:
J f Z » <-- For Ang
Juliet » Alright well, click my name. I gave up on a new layout. I need to go back to writing and blogging seems to be the only way to keep my 'daily writing' promises any good.
Zombie » I can has Boomkin! Thank you!!! It is quite possibly the best birthday present EVER!
Juliet » Lovely as always. My work in progress is absolutely not fit to be seen. Oh yeah-- you should sign on to MSN.
Halcyon » will be useful. Don't forget inscribing allowing enchanters to actually give/sell enchants to others too
Zombs » **burp** 'Scuse me.
Sinja » Looking good! Everything looks great
J f Z » fonts look good
Halcyon » some of the tree assignments baffle me too, how can carrions birds *not* get carrion feeder?
Halcyon » Yeah, I can't see why they wouldn;t do the same for warlock pets. Some of the talents are interesting, but they should probably have made more unique to each tree.
Anthony » Same here, no pop ups, looks appropriate. Has all it's clothes on, but not prudishly. Definitely smells fresh and clean
inspired » The font looks great. No pop ups or errors of any kind. (:
Halcyon » how do you liek the idea of pet talents?
Halcyon » that would be awesome, I could have all the pets.
Halcyon » I don't have enough pet slots for the new pets coming....not even with 3 hunters....
marlana » ang please contact me this is marlana your old pal from sykes. you should still have my email address
fahreal » my name fahry i am from jakarta you have respont about my arts
In-aRt » visit from Indonesia you wanna be novelist or this time you are novelist???
ucha » visit my blog please..
Affan » las vegas...i like it!
Anna » Hello! I am well but busy - ridiculously busy. Turns out doing a PhD is quite hard. Who knew?! Hope you are well too
Halcyon » Ang! How is the lovely Ang?
jacq » hi! passed by on my way from another blog
J f Z » Have a safe weekend!
Zombs » I put up a new gallery!
Quick » Got a lock and rogue myslef in WoW... Your not alone in the fight to cure the addiction!
Daveman » HEY ANGELA! I MISSED YOU!!! What the hell? Is this the right apartment? I smell fresh paint and look! A Renoir hanging over the humidor!! I knowed you had class woman!
KellyK » Hey Ange, just dropping by to say hi after such a long time
Zombs » Mr. Black! Just let me know, might be difficult to fanagle since that may be the first week of classes. Sometimes working in higher ed sucks.
Zombs » I sent you a scan of what you sent me to every email address I have ever had for you. Yeah, I can never remember which one you tell me you use most. heh
Marty » Well, I gave you an answer ... for what it's worth ...
Ang » It freaked me out to find her in there, but that is where she likes to sleep now.
Deirdre » I was here for a few. Just thought I would mention it. Your cats are adorable. That one in the plastic bag freaked me out at first.
JiVe » ah editing how fun
pendoodles » Have a Hardy Hardboiled Egg Sunday!
Rim » once again rinckle here,,,, hope u r doing better,,,,,,,,
Zombs » I posted pics in the gallery from your trip out. Wheeee!
Juliet » Hey you... just checking in. I'm blogging again, we'll see how long it lasts this time.
Zombs » When do we start the countdown?
Halcyon » It saves on hotbar space. also have one that only lets you cast mend pet if teh previous one has worn off, saving mana
Halcyon » do you make use of the 3 in 1 traps/aspects macro?
Zombs » I need input on something I can not discuss. teehee Please to be finding me.
Beth » I am LOVING the kitty layout! That is AWESOME-NESS to the nth degree!
Kaisa » wow, you're more organized than me and I've got sometimes some very weird systems...
Halcyon » She wasn;t there today
Zombs » I *adore* Rome and own the first season.
Parisian15 » I'm glad.
Halcyon » It's all the final fantasy playing, you do things without thinking about it
Halcyon » Crusader to attack faster. They're usually mostly dead by now, if not, rinse and repeat. Robert est le frere de ton pere
Halcyon » Still only twenty something, but, I cast crusader seal. judgement. then righteousness. crusader judgement then increases damage from righteousness seal. then judgement, for a big holy hit, followed by
Halcyon » Well I'm Ret Pally, which involves holding the biggest sword you can find, repeat casting seals and judgements and generally hoping for the best
Halcyon » Paladin ftw
Friday » It's National Hugging Day and I didn't want to leave you off of my hugging list. *hug*